Welcome to RedCat

RedCat is an Initial Training Network for early stage and experienced researchers funded under the Framework 7 ‘People’ programme of the European Union.

RedCat provides research and training opportunities for 10 early stage and 4 experienced researchers across Europe, with 10 Partner institutions and 8 associated Partners in 5 European countries (Germany, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, UK).

RedCat conducts its own research, which addresses highly significant, up-to-date research questions in the area of natural product research, intracellular redox processes, drug development and ‘green’ agriculture.

Individual projects run across scientific disciplines. They embrace chemistry, biochemistry, biology, pharmacy, medicine and agricultural research.

RedCat researchers receive extensive training in research methods and research related subjects, including bioethics, intellectual property and communication. Training is provided by experts in the field, at excellent institutions with the most modern equipment and techniques.

The aims of the training provided Red Cat are summarized in its motto:
Fit for Europe, fit for the future.

RedCat is funded by the EC under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union.